Lawndale Site Assessment Hands on Workshop

Students, faculty, and members of the community joined G3 for the Lawndale Library Site Assessment Hands on Workshop (HOW) to determine the water use of the existing landscape (approximately 50,000 gallons per year), the amount of runoff from the nearby Community Center building (approximately 1,600 gallons per inch of rain), and the health of the soil (not so good).

Lawndale Work Day Defies The Rain

Despite unfavorable weather, the Lawndale Library Ocean Friendly Garden construction also got underway this week.  G3 Associate, Paul Herzog, Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Friendly Gardens National Coordinator, provided supervision for the initial work day.  

The garden was laid out using the design created by G3 Managing Member, Pamela Berstler, as a guide. Turf was removed and the group began shaping the site to hold all of the rainwater from the adjacent building in the middle of the garden.