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Change your yard and change the climate without sacrificing the beauty of your landscape.


Get to the next level of your green career with G3 certification, resources, and our landscaping community, the Soil Party.

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Plug into customized G3 programs and projects that are right for your region.

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A Beautiful Landscape

G3 shows you how to build soil, harvest rainwater, select plants, and irrigate properly for a beautiful, abundant Watershed Wise landscape.

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G3 produces classes, workshops, one-on-one coaching, handbooks, guidelines and demonstration gardens to take you through the easy steps.

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G3 Certified Watershed Wise Landscape Professionals are forward-looking, qualified professionals in your region.

G3 Landscape Guidelines

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Los Angeles County Drought Tolerant Garden

San Diego Sustainable Landscape Guidelines

Beverly Hills Garden Handbook

Green Your Concrete Footprint Urban Permeability

Are You G3 Curious?

We are G3, Green Gardens Group, an EPA WaterSense Partner and Certifying Organization. Our ever-growing community of certified professionals in the U.S. and Canada, is transforming the landscape marketplace using the Watershed Approach to landscaping.  We believe that by working together we don’t have to settle for climate change. We can use our yards to create soil security, water security, and resilient cities. Our collective actions can change the climate!  Click Here If You’re Curious.

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