Project Description

141 West Regent Street, Inglewood, CA 90301

Outside the main entrance to the Battalion Headquarters, 10,000 sq. ft. of existing mixed cool season turf was removed to create this Ocean Friendly Garden. The project was funded through a CA Proposition 50 IRWMP Grant administered by West Basin MWD and Surfrider Foundation, and was completed in the Fall 2011.

A new permeable decomposed granite garden pathway measuring approx. 1,000 q. ft. was installed, allowing visitors to walk through a CA coast oak grove (Quercus agrifolia), following a well-worn footpath that already existed across the grass as people cut the corner. This 5′ wide pathway was stabilized with polymer for ADA compliance and graded to shed water to either side.  Such stabilization makes the pathway impermeable, but in accordance with OFG principles, remediates that impermeability by capturing the runoff in the garden.

The remainder of the site was contoured to capture rain from the sidewalk, large driveway, parking lot and adjacent building, though the downspouts were not able to be redirected into the garden. A significant dry creek area was placed at the edge of the landscape and planted with CA sycamore trees (Platanus racemosa) following the aesthetic of a natural creek area.

A drip irrigation system with flow meter and weather-based irrigation controller was installed.

Turf area water requirement = 260,000 gallons per year
OFG water requirement = 50,000 gallons per year