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Carbon Sequestering Begins at Loam

 By Paula Henson Have you sequestered your carbon today? Do you even know how to sequester carbon at home? Or where to do it? A garden produces oxygen, grows food, provides shade and all those other amazing things that gardens do. It can also keep that nasty carbon dioxide away from our atmosphere, at least [...]

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Myco what?

By Paula Henson  What is more effective than roots in absorbing nutrients and water? What has occurred naturally in the soil for over 450 millions years? What is the biggest symbiotic association on Earth? You probably can’t spell it and you might not know how to say it, but plant and soil enthusiasts are finding that mycorrhizae [...]

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California HOAs Must Allow Watershed Wise Landscaping Thanks to Assemblywoman Gonzales from Chula Vista, CA, the sponsor of AB 2104, signed into law today by Governor Brown, California HOAs must permanently permit property owners to convert their lawns into California Friendly (Watershed Wise) Landscapes.  HOAs had been side-stepping legislation and local ordinances designed to promote drought-tolerant landscaping that utilizes climate-appropriate plants by making [...]

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G3’s Kimberly Alexander Imagines Beautiful Garden

Kudos to G3 Qualified Trainer, Kimberly Alexander, for her award-winning landscape display at the San Diego County Fair.  The garden was funded by San Diego Horticultural Society and the San Diego County Water Authority.  This garden shows people how they too can get a Watershed Wise landscape (known as a WaterSmart Garden in San Diego) by [...]

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Hawthorne Has A G3 HOW

G3 leads another Hands on Workshop (HOW).  This time, it's Hawthorne City Hall that gets the benefit of the expertise brought by G3 Qualified Trainers Marianne Simon and Tom Rau, assisted by G3 Certified Professional and activist for Surfrider Foundation, Steve Williams.  Community members, and staffers from the Los Angeles Conservation Corps pitch in and [...]

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Kids Learn HOW At Palos Verdes High School

Junior AP students from Palos Verdes High School learned HOW to select, place, and install CA native plants during a three-hour Hands on Workshop, led by G3 Qualified Trainers, Tom Rau and Marianne Simon.  The HOW was part of the experience of building an Ocean Friendly Demonstration Garden at PVHS.  The OFG was designed by [...]