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Reversing Desertification Shows Living Soil Is KEY Factor In Environmental Health

This beautiful TED Talk by Allan Savory, biologist and ecologist, highlights the importance of rebuilding native soil, particularly in areas where desertification already has begun. The irony of the story is that holistic land management and animal husbandry provide the strategic cornerstone to rejuvenating the grasslands of the world. The lesson for those in G3 [...]

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Carbon Sequestering Begins at Loam

 By Paula Henson Have you sequestered your carbon today? Do you even know how to sequester carbon at home? Or where to do it? A garden produces oxygen, grows food, provides shade and all those other amazing things that gardens do. It can also keep that nasty carbon dioxide away from our atmosphere, at least [...]

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Myco what?

By Paula Henson  What is more effective than roots in absorbing nutrients and water? What has occurred naturally in the soil for over 450 millions years? What is the biggest symbiotic association on Earth? You probably can’t spell it and you might not know how to say it, but plant and soil enthusiasts are finding that mycorrhizae [...]

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Talk of Biochar is Heating Up

By Paula Henson As destructive as slash-and-burn farming has been, it’s more environmentally friendly cousin “slash-and-char” agriculture (dating back to the Amazon basin in 450 AD) seems to have provided a gold mine of sorts right beneath our feet. Literally. Plant material was burned in such a way (lower temperatures and lower oxygen levels) that [...]

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Is There Anything Living Soil Can’t Do?

Understanding the mechanisms utilized by Living Soil in sequestering carbon and holding/cleaning water. By Paula Henson Soil is that tireless friend that you can never thank nearly enough when it bails you out of a jam. Store that excess CO2 for millennia? Can do! Clean up that polluted water? Not a problem! How does soil [...]

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Top 10 Natives or Drought Tolerant Edibles

By Violet E. Rogers  One of the most frequent questions I receive as a Urban Farmer, aside from how to remove turf, is what edibles are native or drought tolerant perennials. Rather then go to the old standbys of Rosemary, English Lavender (edible variety), or any Citrus variety.   Here are my top ten favorites that [...]

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Biggest California Friendly Garden for Midtown Ventura Community Council

This last Saturday, September 6th, was the final work day at Loma Vista School on the Coastal California Native Garden. Loma Vista was this year’s school chosen for the Midtown Ventura Community Council Adopt-A-School Program and it was the biggest project done yet. Landscape architect and G3, Green Gardens Group, Associate Brian Brodersen, along with [...]

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Question, Regarding Fungus…

We received a great question from someone who went to one of our CFLT classes this last weekend! He asked: "Question - regarding fungi:.... I had a 1/2 (opened) bag of Organic Plus (retail bag) and found large amount of white colored strands -apparently a fungus... at the end of the strands whole formed mushrooms, with [...]

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