2017 Summit Sponsorship Program

The Urban Soil Summit 2.0 again unites a diverse group of leading thinkers, scientists, engineers, policy makers, architects, planners, designers, and concerned individuals in an energetic exchange about the science and actions necessary to create Soil Security, a fundamental building block of resilience. This event is planned to enlighten, inspire, amaze and motivate thousands of actions around building Living Soil in urban environments.

Your financial support and participation as a Sponsor allows us to tell the story of how urban Living Soil can connect us to our personal health and the health of our communities, sequester carbon, absorb and clean water, reduce fire and flooding, and turn green waste into green gold, while simultaneously creating a platform for rebuilding the urban workforce. In today’s environment, it will take a “Turn Away From TERROR and a Return To TERROIR!” for true urban resiliency.

The collective talent, knowledge, and creativity embodied in our internationally renowned speakers poses a truly special moment for us to come together and begin to change the course of the health of the planet and our relationship to it for future generations. Consider the ideas we’ve outlined below. We would be happy to customize a sponsorship opportunity that best suits your goals and budget. If you have questions, please email Allison Olson at AllisonO@GreenGardensGroup.com .

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Event Sponsorships are the essential contributions necessary to keep ticket prices low and ensure the quality of our venues, food, and speakers. Please support the Summit at one of the following six levels of participation outlined on the chart below.

Please consider purchasing extra event tickets at the Sponsor price of $500.00 and donating them to our Scholarship Fund for students and leaders within disadvantaged communities.

501 (c)(3) Event Sponsors are eligible for the GIVE TO GET Program, which is a vehicle for linking funding for your organization’s mission to the support of Soil Summit 2.0.

Please note that the CAREX Sponsorship is only available to .edu organizations.

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Soil Summit Sponsor GIVE TO GET Program

Is your organization a 501 (c)(3)?  If so, we want to mimic the trees in a forest. In the mixed deciduous forest, trees trade packets of carbon at different times of the year (evergreens give extra carbon to deciduous tress in the winter and the deciduous trees pay back the carbon in spring, when they have put on their new leaves).  Since you are helping us put on the Summit, we want to help YOU raise some money for YOUR mission. Here’s how it works:

  • Sponsor Soil Summit 2.0 at any Level

  • Commit to purchasing an additional block of Full Summit tickets at $500.00 each (2 or more is a block)

  • Send out a special Coupon Code to your members

  • Promote the Soil Summit 2.0 to your members!

After April 1, when your Coupon Code is used to purchase a Full Summit ticket, the difference between the ticket sale price and the $500.00 is put into an account for your organization.

On July 15, we account for the actual purchases made using your Coupon Code. The difference between the actual purchases by your members and the $500.00 per ticket in the block is paid to your organization via check or Paypal.

If all the tickets in your block are not purchased, you will be invoiced for the difference and the unsold tickets are yours to use or donate to our Scholarship Fund for students and leaders of disadvantaged communities.

Email Allison Olson at AllisonO@GreenGardensGroup.com for more details about how you can raise money through the Soil Summit 2.0 GIVE TO GET Program!