Project Description

MARIAH CHRISTENSON decided to take her lifelong passion for education and the environment and make a career out of it. Learning along way that people have an inherent connection to their natural environment and when people work together to improve and protect their ecosystems a higher quality of life can be obtained. In 1995 she noticed the waste generated at her school and co founded the Recycle Club. From 2000-2002 she taught environmental education at Isla Vista Elementary and worked for the Watershed Resource Center Santa Barbara. Concurrently serving on the board of directors of the Shoreline Preservation Fund (aka Coastal Fund).

MARIAH attended the University of Costa Rica San Jose in 2000 completing a program in Biodiversity and Conservation. In 2002 she graduated from University of California Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with an emphasis is Policy and Planning. Upon graduating she was recognized with an Outstanding Service Award from the College of Letters and Science and a Leadership Award from Environmental Affairs Board.

After returning to San Diego in 2004 she began designing irrigation with Independent Irrigation Consultants. In 2010 she began dabbling in permaculture. This led to her starting her own landscape design firm, Coastal Conceptions where she aides homeowners lessen their environmental footprint while increasing the function and beauty of their home.

In 2015 she learned about G3 and after becoming a certified Water Wise Landscape Professional she began to teach G3 design seminars and hands on workshops in San Diego as well as working as a Garden Guru.

MARIAH is an avid nature lover and enjoys exploring the National Park System with her husband and sons. The first Saturday of the month she is a core volunteer at the Oceanside Pier beach clean up with Surfrider Foundation.

Mariah became a G3 Qualified Trainer in 2015 in San Diego.