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The OWL in your Living Soil is Oxygen, Water & Life. Here are some stories about Living Soil.

How Native Plants Protect Your Beaches, Rivers And Oceans

Written by Ashley Parrish-Decker Recently I've been interested in the principles of permaculture, but in permaculture they say there is no such thing as an invasive plants or weeds, but rather that all things in a given eco-system can be beneficial. I was curious what a wildlife restoration biologist might say about this debate of invasives [...]

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Urban Life Needs To Be Tenacious

Tough Ficus carica Is A CAL-IPC Invasive Plant This image reminds us that plants utilized in the urban setting really do need to be climate-adapted, tenacious beings. Notice how this edible fig, Ficus carica, is hanging out in the foundation crack under the hose bib and is showing the survival skills acquired over its [...]

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Tomato Thief’s Tantalizing Tale

Last year, this man (our neighbor, Sam Naghazei) was observed from our studio popping Sungold tomatoes from the vines growing on our driveway. While we don't encourage people to walk on to the property after our fruits and vegetables, the front driveway has always been considered a sort of community garden, and we often see [...]

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Lovely APLD Summer Evening In The Lafayette CA Orchard

Cynthia Tanyan (East Bay President), Sarah Herman (Event Organizer), and Patricia St. John, APLD (Past National President) at East Bay APLD Orchard Nursery Event One of the great benefits of serving in the leadership of the California Chapter of Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) is mixing with the sponsors, members, and guests [...]

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Passionate For Urban Dry-Farmed Peaches

Dry-Farmed Peaches Line The Driveway Summer is definitely here when the blushing Babcock peaches along the driveway begin to ripen. Earlier in the season, we forgot to prune off the tiniest of the fruit to encourage fewer larger, sweeter specimens. The result? Smaller, perfectly sweet, oozing, tender, white-fleshed, fuzzy-wrapped peachy poppers. Alas, we [...]

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Summer In A Cape Cod Watershed Wise Garden

Any garden can employ the principles of Watershed Wise landscaping that revive the waterways and ocean including Surfrider Foundation's C.P.R. (Conservation, Permeability, Retention), but in Cape Cod, Massachusetts the rationale for doing such is even greater.  Pollutants from traditionally-maintained grass lawns and gardens that utilize fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are dumped into the delicate wetlands surrounding [...]

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Ray At SEA Lab Endorses Ocean Friendly Gardens

Ray at SEA Lab pulled G3's Pamela Berstler aside to share his concerns about the quality of ocean water and to heartily endorse Surfrider Foundation's Ocean Friendly Gardens and West Basin MWD's Ocean Friendly Landscape Programs. According to Ray, 80% of ocean pollution is from land-based sources.  He recommended enlisting the help of soil-based [...]

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Tucson Circle Complete At Biosphere2

A whirlwind week of exploring Biosphere1's Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Design (LID) throughout Tucson, Arizona brings itself to a conclusion with a journey to the desert home of Biosphere2. Biosphere2 is an Earth systems science research facility owned by the University of Arizona. Its current mission is to serve as a center for [...]

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