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Myco what?

By Paula Henson  What is more effective than roots in absorbing nutrients and water? What has occurred naturally in the soil for over 450 millions years? What is the biggest symbiotic association on Earth? You probably can’t spell it and you might not know how to say it, but plant and soil enthusiasts are finding that mycorrhizae [...]

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Talk of Biochar is Heating Up

By Paula Henson As destructive as slash-and-burn farming has been, it’s more environmentally friendly cousin “slash-and-char” agriculture (dating back to the Amazon basin in 450 AD) seems to have provided a gold mine of sorts right beneath our feet. Literally. Plant material was burned in such a way (lower temperatures and lower oxygen levels) that [...]

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Is There Anything Living Soil Can’t Do?

Understanding the mechanisms utilized by Living Soil in sequestering carbon and holding/cleaning water. By Paula Henson Soil is that tireless friend that you can never thank nearly enough when it bails you out of a jam. Store that excess CO2 for millennia? Can do! Clean up that polluted water? Not a problem! How does soil [...]

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Do Trees Dream?

By Marianne Simon In a strip 4 x 8, they pile the dirt. And in the dirt they dig a hole. And in the hole they put a tree. It is a young tree, delicate limbs, thin bark, roots just beginning to spread. The box is split, the tree hauled out, and it is plopped [...]

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California HOAs Must Allow Watershed Wise Landscaping

http://youtu.be/hMI4Lr4LMtw Thanks to Assemblywoman Gonzales from Chula Vista, CA, the sponsor of AB 2104, signed into law today by Governor Brown, California HOAs must permanently permit property owners to convert their lawns into California Friendly (Watershed Wise) Landscapes.  HOAs had been side-stepping legislation and local ordinances designed to promote drought-tolerant landscaping that utilizes climate-appropriate plants by making [...]

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Ocean Friendly Garden for Midtown Ventura Community Council

This last Saturday, September 6th, was the final work day at Loma Vista School on the Coastal California Native Garden. Loma Vista was this year’s school chosen for the Midtown Ventura Community Council Adopt-A-School Program and it was the biggest project done yet. Landscape architect and G3, Green Gardens Group, Associate Brian Brodersen, along with [...]

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