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We are a group of people dedicated to changing the climate through landscapes using Education, Design, Communication and Transformation!

Reversing Desertification Shows Living Soil Is KEY Factor In Environmental Health

This beautiful TED Talk by Allan Savory, biologist and ecologist, highlights the importance of rebuilding native soil, particularly in areas where desertification already has begun. The irony of the story is that holistic land management and animal husbandry provide the strategic cornerstone to rejuvenating the grasslands of the world. The lesson for those in G3 [...]

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Watershed Wise Landscape Professional Self Study Guide

Welcome to the Watershed Wise Landscape Professional certification page! On this page you will find a number of different resources that will help you prepare for your test. Make sure you have the latest Watershed Wise Landscape Professional class Handbook Part 1 - Sections 1 through 8  Part 2 - Sections 9 through 14 Part [...]

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Taking A Watershed Approach to Landscaping

With concerns about the current drought, along with the strong possibility of an El Niño, San Diego is ready to look to the landscape to provide solutions by: Building healthy, living soil that acts like a sponge by absorbing water when we irrigate or it rains Growing plants that thrive in our local weather conditions and ‘feed the [...]

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Meet The New G3 Training Workshop – The Watershed Wise Landscape Professional

  In May 2015, G3 joined a handful of other organizations nationally to become an EPA WaterSense Partner offering an approved irrigation system auditor certification: the Watershed Wise Landscape Professional (WWLP). This partnership has tremendous implications for how our G3 Associates are viewed in the industry including expanded business opportunities. Our members are professionals who [...]

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G3 LID Ventura Brochure

G3 was engaged by Ventura County Watershed Protection Division to create a Low Impact Design brochure highlighting Surfrider Foundation's Ocean Friendly Gardens principles of Conservation, Permeability and Retention. Read or download the brochure here:  G3 LID Ventura Brochuresm

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How Native Plants Protect Your Beaches, Rivers And Oceans

Written by Ashley Parrish-Decker Recently I've been interested in the principles of permaculture, but in permaculture they say there is no such thing as an invasive plants or weeds, but rather that all things in a given eco-system can be beneficial. I was curious what a wildlife restoration biologist might say about this debate of invasives [...]

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G3’s Urban Soil Symposium Blew Our Mind

Author, Kristin Ohlson (middle) reminds Dr. John Quinton (right) that "The "Soil Will Save Us" On February 24, 2015, G3’s vision for the first urban soil summit in the U.S. became a reality. After months of planning, strategizing, agonizing, blogging, tweeting and emailing, the day finally arrived and we were underway. That Monday [...]

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