Project Description

Regenerative Society Facilitator, Kathy Kellogg Johnson is Chairman of the Board and Corporate Secretary for Kellogg Garden Products – an all-organic garden products company founded in 1925.  Kellogg sells its organic soils across the U.S. Customers include The Home Depot, Lowe’s, OSH and hundreds of independent local retail stores.  Kathy has developed and managed the business towards a goal of sustainability and regenerative practices.

The company’s over 90-year dedication to sustainability and natural products was passed down to Kathy, a third-generation of the Kellogg family.  She believes in the power of natural and organic methods of gardening to enact environmental change, and her advocacy efforts focus around changing conventional agriculture to feed the soil first.  Recognizing soil as the fundamental building block of agriculture and sustainable food production is essential in the fight for a healthy planet and healthy world population.

Kellogg Garden Products is a Walnut Sponsor of the Urban Soil Summit 2017: TERROIR!