Your beautiful new yard is Watershed Wise.

Design, install, and manage your landscape using the Watershed Approach. You get a gorgeous living space that functions as a healthy mini-watershed: sequestering atmospheric carbon, preventing water and air pollution, restoring the hydration and life of the soil, and attracting essential life into the garden. Making your landscape Watershed Wise is no more expensive or difficult than making any landscape; it just takes a little know-how and practice.


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Want To Do It Yourself? Try These First Steps…

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Take A Homeowner Class

G3’s calendar of interactive, fun, hands-on classes and workshops are designed to motivate you to make your yard Watershed Wise.


Check Out These FAQs

See the answers given by G3 Qualified Trainers to some Frequently Asked Questions asked by participants in our various classes and workshops.

Hire A Pro

Hire A Certified Pro

G3 Certified Watershed Wise Landscape Professionals can coach, support, and guide you through the Watershed Approach to landscaping your own yard.

G3 Landscape Guidelines

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Beverly Hills Garden Handbook

Beverly Hills Garden Handbook

The Drought Tolerant Garden

Los Angeles County Drought Tolerant Garden

San Diego Sustainable Landscape

San Diego Sustainable Landscape Guidelines

Green Your Concrete Footprint

Green Your Concrete Footprint Urban Permeability

Help us add to our FAQs by filling out this form and asking your question of a G3 Certified Professional. You’ll get an email back with the answer. We get to add your question to our growing list of FAQs to help other property owners.

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