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How Native Plants Protect Your Beaches, Rivers And Oceans

Written by Ashley Parrish-Decker Recently I've been interested in the principles of permaculture, but in permaculture they say there is no such thing as an invasive plants or weeds, but rather that all things in a given eco-system can be beneficial. I was curious what a wildlife restoration biologist might say about this debate of invasives [...]

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Mulch Madness Hits Ventura CA

G3 Associates Ashley Parrish-Decker and Jill Sarick-Santos, teamed up with others at the City of Ventura, CA for some Mulch Madness. The City of Ventura purchased compost from Agromin, 80 yards for two parks, and allowed people to come an pick up as much mulch as they could get in their buckets, bags and truck beds. [...]

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One More Rain Garden For The Beach

Here's a sweet message we received after a Lawn Be Gone workshop in San Diego, CA: "Having attended all your Watershed Wise Basics and Hands On  Workshops at the Montgomery Waller Park Project, I wanted to show you our new front yard. It's been transformed from a water-guzzling lawn that constantly needed mowing -- to a carefree, water-smart, [...]

Ocean Friendly Garden for Midtown Ventura Community Council

This last Saturday, September 6th, was the final work day at Loma Vista School on the Coastal California Native Garden. Loma Vista was this year’s school chosen for the Midtown Ventura Community Council Adopt-A-School Program and it was the biggest project done yet. Landscape architect and G3, Green Gardens Group, Associate Brian Brodersen, along with [...]

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Hawthorne Has A G3 HOW

G3 leads another Hands on Workshop (HOW).  This time, it's Hawthorne City Hall that gets the benefit of the expertise brought by G3 Qualified Trainers Marianne Simon and Tom Rau, assisted by G3 Certified Professional and activist for Surfrider Foundation, Steve Williams.  Community members, and staffers from the Los Angeles Conservation Corps pitch in and [...]

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Kids Learn HOW At Palos Verdes High School

Junior AP students from Palos Verdes High School learned HOW to select, place, and install CA native plants during a three-hour Hands on Workshop, led by G3 Qualified Trainers, Tom Rau and Marianne Simon.  The HOW was part of the experience of building an Ocean Friendly Demonstration Garden at PVHS.  The OFG was designed by [...]