Project Description

2017 Urban Soil Summit Willow Sponsor, Urban Water Group designs and constructs beautiful and functional landscapes that can thrive in persistent drought conditions.

UWG believes that the “New Normal” of disrupted weather patterns and hotter temperatures poses a significant threat to the health and survival of outdoor landscapes. Each site is planned for drought resiliency to protect clients’ investment and to ensure continued use and enjoyment of landscapes when outdoor watering is restricted or prohibited. Even in the driest times, the Southern California climate can sustain a rich and diverse landscape with few resources if the plant palette is climate-appropriate, rainwater is captured and stored, the water needs of the plants and trees can be met with seasonal rains augmented with stored rainwater, and the soil is full of healthy, active biology.

UWG strikes a balance between minimizing the amount of water and maintenance required to sustain the landscape, and creating special outdoor spaces that enhance clients’ quality of life. Simply designing an arid, desert landscape is not the objective; the landscape must convey a sense of place, be aesthetically pleasing, have shade and shelter, reduce ambient temperatures, provide habitat and food for wildlife, and most importantly give inspiration and a sense of well-being.

Technology can enable drought resilient landscapes becoming self-sustaining. UWG’s proprietary automation systems optimize rainwater storage capacity and deliver water throughout the landscape when and where it is most needed to maintain the health of the plants and soil.