Project Description

STEPHANIE SPEIGHTS became concerned about her impact on the environment when she had her daughter. Since then, she has taught herself many aspects of sustainability and coaches others on nurturing a green lifestyle through her business Ecomama. Her courage to divorce her car and commute by bus, bike or on foot has lead to her calling herself an urban voyager.

Stephanie believes all the world’s problems can be solved in a garden. It is with delight and curiosity that she has started an extensive garden in her back alley and has enrolled the community to join in. She also partners with property owners to install edible gardens that she tends, in exchange for sharing in the harvest. Stephanie has experienced the power of community while interning at the Los Angeles Eco-Village and participating in the Place-making Convergence in Portland, OR. She is also the founder of the community group AlleyUp, whose intention is to strengthen social relationships within the neighborhood, through community projects and regular gatherings in a shared alley in Santa Monica.

Stephanie has an M.A in Urban Sustainability from Antioch University, a M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and a B.A. in History from U.C.L.A. She also has received a Zero-Waste certification from Santa Monica College’s Resource and Recycling Management Department.

Stephanie became a G3 Qualified Trainer in 2014 in Irvine, CA.