Project Description

National Program Coordinator, Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Friendly Gardens Program (OFG), Ventura, CA

Paul is the National Program Coordinator for Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Friendly Gardens Program (OFG). OFGs apply CPR – Conservation, Permeability and Retention – to landscapes and hardscapes to revive our watersheds and oceans. Paul assists Surfrider’s 84 chapters around the U.S. in running OFG programs.

Surfrider chapters implement OFG through education, hands-on training and policy work. The OFG Program template includes neighborhood walks, classes, and community workdays. Surfrider chapters partner with property owners and all sectors of the landscape industry to implement the Program and develop a new norm in landscaping and low impact design.

Working with OFG Program partners like landscape professionals and biologists has taught him a lot about the amazing life of soil. He has come to realize that good policy ideas need to start with an understanding of what’s going on beneath our feet. OFG is part of Surfrider’s larger program called Know Your H2O – an integrated approach to water that combines conservation (OFG) with other “tools” such as low impact development, greywater and wastewater recycling.

Paul has a B.A. in Political Science from University of California, Northridge, but most of what he knows is from hands-on experience. That experience includes almost fifteen years as a community organizer working on environmental and civic issues. Paul has worked on several small organic farms. Most recently, he co-developed and led a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, in which members pre-pay the farmer for a weekly box of seasonal produce.

Paul became a G3 Certified Watershed Wise Landscape Professional in 2009 in Los Angeles, CA and a G3 Qualified Trainer in 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Paul is a member of G3’s Independent Oversight Committee for the EPA WaterSense approved WWLP Certification.