Project Description

NATASHA ELLIOTT has always had an obsession with plants and flowers, as well as art and design. She grew up working in the garden with her grandmother, building things, and drawing pictures of spaces she would imagine. With formal training in Sculpture at California State University Long Beach, where she earned her BFA in 2009, Natasha combines a fine art sensibility with a thorough knowledge of plant biology and water-efficient landscaping techniques.

A certified Permaculture Designer, certified Santa Barbara Green Gardener, and an EPA certified WaterSense Designer with an AA in Landscape Design from the Environmental Horticulture program at Santa Barbara City College, Natasha’s work is rooted in the principles and practices of sustainability. Natasha Elliott’s design company, Sweet Smiling Landscapes, creates ecologically sound, water-efficient landscapes that are harmonious with native ecology and also provide relaxing human habitats.

Natasha became a G3 Qualified Trainer in 2016 in Santa Barbara.