Project Description

Since 1953, Soil Summit Toyon Sponsor, Lyngso has been the leading resource for San Francisco Bay Area landscapers. With an unsurpassed range of materials and expert knowledge, Lyngso helps you get the job done.

Lyngso was founded by John and Mary Lyngso. To this day, the company remains a family-run business. Many of Lyngso’s employees have been with them for over 20 years; all are passionate about providing the best possible service. 

Their site in San Carlos contains everything from sands, pebbles and boulders to tools and soil mixes. Lyngso has the materials and expertise to satisfy the largest contractor as well as the personal approach to guide the homeowner on their first landscaping project. 

Lyngso enjoys participating in community projects and have always sought to provide what their community needs, whether that means materials or information. It is Lyngso’s goal to remain a valuable resource to landscapers throughout the Greater Peninsula.

In recent years, Lyngso has evolved its landscaping business to include organic gardening. They can assist you with any project, from retaining walls to helping you improve the biology of your soil. 

In fact, they have become renowned for carrying a unique line of organic soil improvements, ranging from locally brewed compost tea to special composts and mulches. Many of our team members have undergone training in the area of soil biology. 

Throughout the nearly 60 years of Lyngso’s existence, they have expanded the size and scope of their operation. However one value remains constant: Service. This concept is not just an important part of their business; service is the heart of their business. Lyngso prides itself in helping customers use their products to make the world a more beautiful place.