Project Description

Co-Founder, Policy Chair of Kiss the Ground, Venice, CA

Sacred Soil Facilitator, Finian Makepeace is a recording artist and co-founder of Kiss The Ground. His passion for soil came after learning that the loss of topsoil (humus) plays a major role in climate change, drought, and the nutrition of our food. He loves telling “the soil story”, especially the part about what can happen when we build it back through Regenerative Agriculture.

Through media, policy and education, his none-profit Kiss The Ground, is committed to connecting culture to agriculture. Their mission is to inspire global participation in the restoration of our precious soils. As chair of the policy department Finian has worked in collaboration with other NGO’s and with the city of Los Angeles to significantly expand the Organics Recycling commitments made by the city under the new Zero Waste LA Waste Hauling Franchise Agreement. He is working to shifting the conversation from landfill diversion to the vital importance of composting as a means of returning organic matter to our soils. He calls the plan, “From farm, to table, to GREEN BIN, to farm”.

At the state level, Finian is coordinating with NGOs, Lawmakers, and lobbyist to take down barriers for farmers practicing regenerative agriculture and to allow them receive state subsidies and drought funding as well as carbon credits.  At the federal level, Finian is working to move Regenerative Organic farming practices into the official carbon registry.

Finian’s hope is that in 2015, “The International Year of Soil”, the whole world falls in love with soil.